How To Write A Literature Review?

How To Write A Literature Review?

 17 Dec 2020  United Kingdom

Are you struggling with your assignment? Need to submit on time and you have not found enough sources to write a literature review? You still don’t understand how to write a literature review? Well, no need to worry anymore, our essay writing services is at your service. We are here to guide you and write your essay for you. This essay writing service has over hundred writers who come from several different subject areas and have masters and Ph.Ds. in their fields. They instantly understand what is required in the assignment and are familiar with the writing techniques and format requirements of the Universities.

A literature review is one of the most important parts of a research article, thesis or a proposal. The Literature review will assist you in researching specific primary sources and develop research questions based on the gap in the literature. A literature review will help the supervisor or instructor understand what your research is adding to the current literature on a particular subject. The academic institutions provide online courses with tasks that test your research skills. You will have to prepare a literature review in a very short period. There are many components to a literature review:

1. Identify the subject area: you must identify the subject domain. The subject domain is the area under the main subject which determines the main theme of your research. Like for example, the politics of associations which also comes under political science. You have to theorize this area by reading the opinions of several different academics in the field.

2. Search and compile relevant sources: You now have to start collecting or collating sources belonging to the subject area. These searches should be rigorous and in-depth so that you are familiar with all that has been written on the topic of your research. Our essay writing service has professional writers who are already familiar with the topics or subject areas. They have written many essays in several different research areas, and they do not have to spend too much time collecting sources for references. All you have to do is give us your instructions and say three magic words, write my essay.

3. Identify the Gap: You will not need to identify the research problem and the possible gaps in the literature. The gaps will be the subject of your thesis or paper. The identification of the gaps requires you to evaluate each source and understand its contribution and what is missing in its research. You can then write a paragraph by discussing several different sources on one specific area and the gap in that area.  You also need to discuss the debates related to the subject area and your opinions on the outcome.

4. A literature review will also have an introduction and a conclusion. Both of these can be written after the main body is outlined or properly structured. The introduction will contain your opinions on the sources collected and what kind of sources have you collected. The conclusion will contain some conclusive points about the research conducted based on the literature review.

The literature review is an extremely difficult task and requires your full attention. This task usually takes a month to complete. Our essay writing service will complete it in a couple of days. We also work on short deadlines and urgent assignments and can even submit your assignment within a short time span. Just call and say write my essay and we will do exactly that and deliver on time. You can also visit the website and check out our other services. You could also write us an email with the subject line “write my essay” and we will get back to your immediately. Our service is there for you 24/7, and our customer service is always there to help you at any time according to your convenience. So please do not hesitate, we are here to make your academic experience enjoyable. We will help you and guide you through your academic endeavours. Call or write to us now.

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