How to immigrate to Canada from India

Thousands of Indians immigrate to Canada every year because of education and work or a better life. There are many paths that can be used by Indians to immigrate to Canada. It is not difficult for students to get a scholarship and study in Canada. Students can get a study permit that will allow them to work 20 hours per week and a full-time working permit during holidays. Many get permanent residency after they complete their education and also continue to get a postgraduate work permit which allows a student to work at any destination and for any organisation in Canada. Students must find out the programs that are eligible to provide study permits to them and they must be from a proper learning institution or organisation of Canada. International students usually have to pay even more than local students for a course. Canada also has programs like the global talent stream that provides work permit to students and are given by companies. Families can also get a sponsorship or a permanent residence to live, work, and study in Canada. Apart from these programs, there are the express entry systems that is an online application which provides residency to skilled workers.

The academic sector is highly competitive in Canada as large number of students immigrate from India every year. The competition to get into professional courses like MBA degrees is also difficult if the student does not have proper scores. Students also require a lot of help after they are admitted into the course as the structure of every course, and the language requirements are quite different as compared to India. Coping up with the highly energised and first-base, coursework can be very daunting for any Indian student. Students often take help with their assignments from external sources.

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