Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

The clients are urged to go through the terms and conditions and agree to the same before availing any of our services. The terms and conditions also include the privacy policies listed on our website.

1. The organization provides professional writing help to students from all disciplines. The customers engage the organization for help and support with their academic work.
2. The customer authorizes the organization to process any actions asked on their behalf.
3. The organization is entitled to refuse any action that they may might find goes against their values and in such cases will refund the payment made by the customer as per the order.
4. The prices and the final delivery time will only be communicated to the customer after the order has been received.
5. Additional costs will be added on the event that more information or additional information is required by the customer. If the additional price and delivery time isu nacceptable by the customer then the organization will deliver the assignment according to the first agreement.
6. On the occasion that the customer does not agree with any part of the assignment then they can send it back for corrections within the window of time provided to them by the organization.

7. Customers are not entitled to make any direct contact with the writers and can only contact administrators or customer service executives who will act as intermediaries between the customer and the writers.
8. Terms and conditions will be updated according to the changes in the organization and to the discretion of the organization.
9. The organization will provide a guide of the assignment to the customer within the stipulated time period. The guide should be treated as a model and should not be submitted as it is. If on any occasion the customer submits the guide as it is the organization is not liable for any consequences.

Payment and Refund

1. The contract is valid once the payment is received by the customer. If the customer fails to pay for a service, then organization will cancel the agreement and consider it null and void.
2. The agreement between the organization and the customer will continue until the assignment has been delivered successfully to the customer and within the window of time for any corrections.
3. The organization will refund the money if the customer before the beginning of the agreement chooses to stop further communication. The customer can choose not to avail the service after the order has been sent but before the payment has been made.


1. Organization will have the right to contact the customer at any point if there is a confusion regarding the information.

2. The organization has the right to store the customer’s name, email and payment details that would ensure smooth transaction and communication. Please go through the privacy policy.
3. If at any point the customer after receiving the final guide would like to sever all ties  with the organization they can send us an email and we will stop all communication with the customer.
4. The organization might contact the customer to provide information on any new services or seasonal discounts as part of their marketing initiative as and when required. The customer can stop any such communication at any point of time by contacting the customer service executive or sending us an email.


1. The customer will acknowledge that the organization does not condone any kind of plagiarism.
2. The customer does not obtain any copyright of the work update from the services provided by the organization
3. The customer has the right to acquire a copy of the work for academic purposes only and should treat it as a model or a guide. The customer should not submit the model as their own work or resale or display the work as they do not own the copyright of the work. This will be a violation of the terms of use policy.
4. The organization also provides a fair use policy of their services and the customers are asked to abide by the same.
5. The organization has the right to refuse services to any customer who breaches or violates the terms of use policy and a fair use policy.