Refund And Revision Policy

Refund And Revision Policy

Student Assignment Solution is a professional writing organization that provides help and guidance to students from several different domains. We provide complete guide to assignments within a stipulated time period. We provide a tutoring service by assisting the student with their academic responsibilities.

The organization values its professional culture and therefore ensures that any refund requests are resolved promptly as per the given terms and conditions.

A refund is possible if it abides by our terms and conditions and in case of the following scenarios:

  1. If on the occasion, you’ve paid the full amount for your assignment guide and we cannot provide you with an expert at that point of time, then you are entitled to a full refund. You can also order any other assignment of the same amount which will be provided at a 5% discount.
  2. We always guarantee on-time delivery of all our models and guides, but on the rare occasion if we are unable to meet the deadline, then you can raise a refund query which will be resolved by our administration. A full enquiry will be carried out by our team and once we understand the issue, a decision will be made regarding the refund. If, after the investigation we understand that the client has not provided adequate information or answered the queries of the expert which might have contributed to the missed deadline, then we will only provide partial refund requests. On the other hand, if a customer service executive after investigation finds out that the delay was caused due to the expert, then you can avail for a 50 -100% refund of your order which will be transferred to your account immediately after the decision has been taken. Some deductions might be made as the full guide will be submitted to you and the expert will already be paid in full. We are an organization that works on collaboration and we are proud of our professionalism, therefore we promise to take strict actions against our writers or any other administration who does not comply with deadlines or provide adequate quality assignments to the client. The decision of our customer service team will be final in regards to the refund and as per the guidelines of our policies.
  3. On the rare occasion if you have received a fail grade on your assignment, you can raise a refund request by providing the copy of your assignment guide and your professors feedback which includes the grade within a 60 day period after the main guide has been delivered to you. Our team of customer service administrators, researchers and experts will verify the reasons for the grading and investigate the cause of the low quality assignment guide or any other factors involved while writing the assignments. If the shortcomings are on part of our writers, then you are entitled to a 50 – 100% refund of your order and we will transfer the amount to your account immediately after the decision has been taken. The decision of the customer service support team is final and will comply with the refund policies of the company.
  4. Please also note that any refund request will only be entertained within 60 days after you have received your assignment guide. Any request after the completion of the 60 days will not be entertained by our organization.

Additional Information

Student Assignment Solution will help a student in any which way they can as long as it complies with our terms and conditions of the refund policies. Please understand that our writers will help you to the best of their knowledge to get the grade that you deserve. You should also understand that getting good grades also requires the student to review the guides and understand the assignment and reproduce it in their own words which ensures that they learn in the process. Our writers come with an excellent academic track record and they will provide you with competent and novel solutions which will leave very little room for misinformation.

Scenarios where Money Back or Refund requests will not be entertained

You can also apply for money back if you have received a fail grade. Any request will have to comply with our terms and conditions and a full investigation will be carried out by our customer service executive whose decision will be final and as per the rules and regulations of the refund policies.

Any refund request will only be entertained if the client has shared the original grade report with the assignment and the professor comments and feedback. This will also be subject to a full investigation that will be carried out by the customer support team. The customer support team can get in touch with the client if there are certain confusion with regard to the refund policy. The decision of the customer support team will be final in this regard.

Please note money back guarantees cannot be entertained with orders where the clients have only made partial payments. Money back guarantee will also not be entertained if the submission deadline is less than 72 hours. Moneyback guarantee will also not be entertained if the refund request has been made after 60 days from the delivery of the final guide to the client.

We will not entertain any refund request when the student or the client has not been in active communication with our administrators and has not provided instructions or answered any queries within the stipulated time period.

We will also not entertain any refund request when the client has not provided adequate information, instruction or material in relation to the assignment.

We will only entertain refund request and carry out an investigation when the client has approached the organization through its official channels.

Revision Policy

Student Assignment Solution is a professional writing agency that provides academic writing assistance to students who require assistance with their essay/assignments/reports, thesis or research papers. We work with a pool of writers from several different domains and can provide in-depth knowledge of any topic. We help students by providing them with the complete guide to outline and content of the assignment within the stipulated time period. We understand that students might need a revision of the assignment guides provided as they might not be completely satisfied or they have additional instructions or information that can be included in the guides. We encourage students to send in their instructions before the confirmation of task so that it does not cause any kind of confusion or waste of time. If your instructions have been provided while confirmation of task, then it will be free of charge and included within the original price range unless it exceeds the word limit of the previous agreement between the company and the client. We also encourage students to ask for periodic drafts that will ensure that the assignment is going in the right direction.

  1. You can also seek revisions after the delivery of your assignment and all writers and administrators will gladly assist you as long as it is within our revision policy and terms and conditions stated below.
  1. The revision of your assignment guide once delivered to you will only be accepted for further alterations within a 15 days’ time zone. The acceptance of such an order will also be subject to the Terms and Conditions of the company.
  1. You will only be allowed three free revisions and will be charged for the fourth one onwards. We encourage students to provide all their instructions during the first revision cycle which would save time and money in relation to the clients as well as our writers.
  1. If your revision includes instructions to add new information in relation to the topic which may not be limited to a new case study, a new sub topic, a new application, additional objectives or research questions etc., all be charged additional amount as it will be considered as new work which will require the expert to carry out further research to address the new questions and instructions. Clients should also keep in mind that if you would like to change a research topic after you have received the completed assignment model, then this will not be considered as a revision but a completely new order. Therefore, you will be charged for a new assignment which would also include instances where country specific changes to the research paper is made or any other referencing guidelines.
  1. While providing your revision instructions, please make sure that you provide one set of revisions for your first cycle. In case you provide two sets, then the second set will be considered as your second cycle of revisions. You only get three free revision cycles after which you will be charged for your revision.
  1. While providing us with your revision instructions, we encourage you to provide clear requests and as detailed as possible including feedback from your professors or any other information you might have come about and want it to be included in the assignment guide. You should also mention which parts you require changes and why and also accurately describe your thoughts regarding particular areas of the assignment which you would like to be revised. These instructions will then help the writer to address your concerns effectively. Please refer to our terms and conditions with regard to a free revision policy and exclusions in these policies.
  1. Student Assignment Solution has the right to refuse any revision request which do not comply with our terms and conditions. However, if you have a revision request after you have exhausted your 3 free requests, then please get in touch with the customer service executive and we will help you in way we can as per our service policies.

If you wish to carry out a revision of your assignment, then please get in touch with the customer service executive via email or start the chat conversation through our online chat portal. All your queries will be addressed and communicated to the writer who will then proceed towards revising your assignment guide. Make sure that you only contact us through our official channels as we are not responsible for any delay in addressing your queries if alternate channels are utilized by the client.

Terms and Conditions

  • The revisions do not apply to large research assignments such as thesis or dissertation. Assignment above the word limit 4000 will not be allowed free revisions.
  • Revisions are also not applicable to certain technical subjects including but not limited to computer science, mathematics etc.
  • Student Assignment Solution can change the revision policy as and when the company desires without issuing any notice to the users or our clients.