Refund And Revision Policy

Refund And Revision Policy

If it’s not too much trouble, read the accompanying Revision and Refund Policy cautiously. It supplements the terms of utilization, which are lawfully sound understanding between you (the customer) and the stage, for example, Student Assignment Solution.


  • 1. If you choose to drop your request before the master begins to chip away, a wiping out charge of 25% will be collected on the aggregate sum concurred between the stage and you. In any case, on the off chance that the master has just begun the work, at that point you will have the decision, either to proceed with the request, or the master will deduct a sum equal to work done alongside a retraction charge of 25% of the total concurred amount. This is because the master who begins with your task ought to get remuneration for the work. Requests with a cutoff time of 24 hours, or 24 hours are staying to submit, will not be permitted to drop or discounted in any conditions.
  • 2. If you notice that you were charged twice and you got two receipts from the installment handling framework (for example, or or another mode), don’t stop for a second to get in touch with us. Forward the two receipts to us on the request page or through LIVE CHAT. You will consistently choose to get it revived in the wallet or get discounted in full inside the in 7-10 business days.
  • 3. We generally put forth a valiant effort to allot the most proper master to take a shot at your paper; in any case, it is as yet conceivable that on uncommon events, the master isn’t accessible. On the off chance that this occurs, we will do your next task of a similar worth FREE OF COST.
  • 4. If it’s not too much trouble, ensure all paper subtleties and extra materials are given while submitting the request. In not many cases, the application could be conveyed present the cutoff time due on, no or postponed reaction from the customer, inaccessibility of the total data, or inaccessibility of research data. In any case, we generally put forth most ideal attempts to keep it on time and, thus, glad to guarantee that the reliability rate has consistently been above 99.3%. If there should be an occurrence of no reaction to the question in 24 hrs, if the master finishes the work after pausing, at that point, no progressions will be engaged, or the consequences will be severe if the inquiry is reacted inside/after 24 hrs. Cutoff time could be stretched out according to the accessibility of the master. Any solicitation to stop the work will be turned out to be according to Clause No. 1.
  • 5. The 100% fulfillment arrangement guarantees that we will permit amendments based on the first given rules and guidelines until we meet them. In any case, it must be done according to the period provided in your installment plan. We won’t engage any revamp/modification demand post the expressed period. Likewise, the period is determined from the date of the first accommodation, and there is no discount in such cases for some random circumstance.
  • 6. Even though it will never happen that you will get a fantastic grade in your task, we will do half discount in the customer wallet if it does. Any solicitation after this period will not be engaged. The explanation behind the discounting half sum is that a specialist takes installment from us ahead of time, so it’s unrealistic to recover the payment from the master. In any case, to guarantee the nature of things to come assignments. We will make a severe move against the master, which could lead even to the end of the administrations of that master from our foundation. The discount isn’t relevant for claims where grades got above 49.99%, OR bombed category isn’t acquired regardless of whether marks are less than half.
  • 7. There are three distinctive installment plans or classes to book any task – “Restricted,” “Norm,” and “Premium.” We surely separate among the administrations and hence, charge premise the equivalent. The classifications divide based on client evaluations received by the specialists based on his/her administration and numerous different advantages. One could likewise update the request much after the installment is made for a lower installment plan and appreciate the benefits of recognized administrations. You can see the subtleties while making the installment for any task.
  • 8. There is no money discount arrangement (aside from provision no. 2) in this administration, so on the off chance that your case is veritable (as per the above focuses), we credit the wallet.
  • 9. There is no discount permitted in the wake of utilizing the administrations for a written falsification report, continue, and pre-utilized task arrangements.

Terms & Conditions*

  • Free Revision requests are not applicable on assignment orders that are related to the Technical subjects or any Exam that include but are not limited to all Engineering subjects, Mathematics Assignments, ECTS and software-based tasks which may include but not limited to Python,R-studio,XERO,MYOB,MATLAB,SPSS,Ansys,C,C++,SQL,java,etc.
  • Free Revisions do not apply to lenghthy assignments,for example,a research thesis or dissertation.The term “Lengthy” refers to any assignment that is equal to or aboive the word count of 4000 words.
  • Student Assignment Solution reserves the right to make any changes to the existing revision policy at the sole discretion of the company’s management without issuing any notice to the users of our services or the public in general.


If you don’t mind note: If your case doesn’t fall under the above-given classifications, it won’t be considered legitimate, and there will be no discount.