Privacy Policy

Student Assignment Solution is a professional organization that provides academic writing services to students coming from all subjects and domains. We value our professionalism and adhere to strict rules and regulations in relation to our privacy policy. We do not share any information with any other third-party or other organizations. Our clients have the option of taking themselves off our mailing list by unsubscribing. Any information related to your personal contact details or your assignments are hundred percent securely stored with us. We only use a specific amount of information of our clients to ensure that they receive high standard service from our organization. Any information that we use is not shared with any other third-party and will adhere to strict confidentiality rules as stated in our terms and conditions.

We collect information every day through our services and through our other websites that help us to make decisions that are legal and adheres to our privacy policy. This information helps us to make our services better and also helps us to solve any kind of disputes that may arise while working with our clients. Any information we collect in relation to our clients is stored securely and adheres to our privacy policy. While communicating with our clients, we might store information related to the assignment technicalities or certain personal contact information of the clients. Further information is also stored through cookies or other advertising technologies used. Most of the information is stored to provide a better service to our clients and resolve any issues that may arise. This information stored will be related to the service that you might ask for or the content of a conversation you might have with one of the administrators. You might be asked to provide your name, email, contact number, location, and other professional details, which will be required to process your request. Please be assured that none of this information will be transferred to any third-party. All this information will be confidential and only kept with the customer support team.

The main points of our privacy policy are:

  1. All information of the client is kept confidentially with the company and is not shared with any other third-party.
  2. Your personal information is only used for communication regarding your assignment services or any other developments that might take place while the writer is preparing the model assignment. We also might use your personal information to contact you in order to provide you with information regarding our new services or discounts, promotions etc. We can also contact you to ask for feedback regarding the service provided to you previously. At any point, you can ask to unsubscribe from our mailing list or you can send an email asking us not to contact you in the future. We promise to comply with your request.
  3. None of your personal information will be shared with the writers or experts. Any communication carried out will be between the customer service executive and the client. We also do not share any information regarding our writers with our clients to ensure privacy of both the parties. All your instructions and information will be provided to the writer through email and telephonically. While providing the same through email, your order will be given a unique number and no personal information will be shared.
  4. We only store personal information for a short period of time which will not be for more than three months.
  5. We also store personal information with regards to payment which may require you to use your debit or credit card. Any payment information will be kept with us confidentially and will not be shared with any other third-party. We only utilize well-known and credible payment portals which comply with the government rules and regulations. Once you pay online for the services, we do not have access to any of your bank details or any other inputs while the payment is being processed. In case there is some miscommunication or technological issues while making the payments, we might contact our payment partners to communicate and resolve such issues. All this will be in compliance with our privacy policies.
  6. It should be noted that our clients must go through our privacy policy and agree to the same while availing any of our services.

We only use the information in relation to our clients for specific purposes which may include but not limited to:

  1. Communication purposes in relation to the assignment or payment details.
  2. Promotional activities in relation to upcoming new services or seasonal discounts.
  3. Processing payments or solving disputes regarding any technical issues that may arise.
  4. Customer feedback after the assignment model has been delivered
  5. After sales service to ensure that the customer is satisfied.

You can take your name off our mailing list at any point of time or unsubscribe by sending us an email. Please also read our refund and revision policies before you agree to avail for our services.