Teachers Strike in Scotland: What is means for students?

A number of Scottish universities including universities in the UK have gone on a strike in protest of the reduction in their wage and pension cuts. The teachers are of the opinion that they were never fully told about the amount of pay cuts and the pension cuts that are going to be applicable in relation to the staff. Additionally with the inadequate working conditions it has become very difficult for them to perform their duties. Therefore, in order to change the system and get what they deserve the teachers have gone on a strike to protest the current policy changes to their pension fund. This means that some of the classes that the students will be taking might not be continued or students might have to provide a number of assignments that will be used as a form of assessment and will enable them to pass the course. This in many ways makes it very difficult for the students to cope up with their studies and their work pressure. But the increasing number of international students in the UK and the Scotland, have endured diversity and international students have to adhere to the standard of these foreign countries. Most international students also work in order to support themselves and have very little time to prepare for their assignments. If the pressure of assignments increases due to the strikes in Scotland and in the UK, then the students will not be able to cope up and might not pass the course or opt out of the course completely.

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