Glasgow University Accused of Undermining Academic Freedom

In order to be a good researcher or an academic, one  must have the freedom to judge any event according to their own perspective and interpretations that is informed by grounded theories and facts. Quite recently an article was published by an ex student at Exeter University who had written about Israel’s public policies that are aimed to gain British support. The University apologized for the publication of the article as it was deemed antisemitic. A number of professors and other dignitaries criticized this move of the Glasgow University.

Academic freedom lies at the heart of any research and integrity related to the educational sector. Students should be free to indulge in exploring their ideas related to a topic. Scotland is known for its exciting academic sector and its vibrant atmosphere and the reaction of the 500 signatories who sent their disapproval of Glasgow University’s views shows how the academic sector would come together to protect their students. This is also the season where the universities at Scotland are open to admissions and they are taking in a number of students around the world. This news will definitely raise confidence of the students to apply to universities who will provide them with the academic freedom that is required for research. Therefore, in order to attract more students Glasgow University might have to change their policies and retract their apology in the new future.

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