Zara (Company Name) Case Study SWOT Analysis Solution

Zara (Company Name) Case Study SWOT Analysis Solution

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Zara (Company Name) Case Study SWOT Analysis Solution

A Brief Profile Of Zara

Zara one of the well-known clothing retail store. It has been put under the umbrella of Inditex Group. If you are wondering, what is Inditex then this is a worldwide renowned group, comprising of more than 8 units. They all are well acknowledged in their knowledge of clothing or dressing.Talking about Zara’s uniqueness and amazing designs, have made it successful in the name of clothing and branding. And within no time, Zara has become one of the best in the clothing line.Across the world, 2200 stores of Zara are displaying various pieces intended for men, ladies and youngsters. Not only in the physical stores, the same display, is made possible through the use of Zara’s online sites.Its roots are from Spain and it is continually in the business of beating its contenders. No doubt, the store is possibly leading in gaining the trust of clients and providing one of the best services in its niche.The wide acknowledgment of the brand, has been made possible through some of the services that were out of the normal practice. This is even more surprising as some of the challenging decisions have made things possible in the needed achievement books of Zara.


• Strong Supply Chain Units:

Zara is one of those units, which talks of its astonishing chain units. The organization has practically more than 88 physical stores in numerous zones. This is one of those staggering circumstances where the organization’s central station appreciates a stunning network with its units.Its solidarity to deal with any flexible chain breakdown helps in keeping it ahead with regards to offering relentless assistance to its customers around the world.

• In House Production With No Outsourcing

Zara has made a point to take help in production, only from the indigenous labors. There is no sort of work that is being outsourced and this keeps cutting the cost of transportation of the final products. IN house production also makes sure that the work is under the surveillance of the local people and there is no need to get some more treaties done among the various people from outside.

• Designing Strategies

The company has taken care to make sure; they are rolling out some good designs every two weeks. This is different and almost difficult for many of their neck to neck contenders.This has helped Zara to remain on top for many clients who prefer new and trending styles, every now and then.


• Does Not Advertise

For any firm to do well, it is very necessary to advertise. This is something very different in case of Zara. The right kind of help that comes from advertising about new products in the line, presents an amazing strategy on the company. With less advertisement, nobody is made aware of the products lining in the store, only those who get to witness with eyes see, else nobody else gets to know.

• Imitates But Does Not Create

There is no doubt, one should be the original content creator and this is something that lags in the process. With Zara, trying to imitating some other design, one might feel, they have the new yet copied design of Zara, which will leave them with the option of Not Buying!


• Global Expansion Possible

Zara has kept its stores confined. There is this greater opportunity for the store leading managers to make use of this event to grow their store chain. This can bring surprisingly events and results that will be helpful in making sure things are coming on the right track for the people.

• Work Could Be Distributed

Till now, company has not started outsourcing, how about thinking on this note? If outsourcing is made possible, people can think of getting more opportunities. In such case, when the things are not taken through the channel of advertising, outsourced people would be the ones who are doing the mouth publicity for the company.


• Neck To Neck Competition

No doubt the company has some of the amazing competition, even though it is not outsourcing work like its other competitors. But the quality and other moves of the company have got for itself some amazing competitors.

• Collaboration With International Designers Is Missing

People continuously look for something that is different and out of league. If there could be something, that is entirely different on the note of making sure something new is rolling in, then customers would not like to go for the international design counterparts!