Coca Cola SWOT Analysis

Coca Cola SWOT Analysis

Brief Intro

This is one of the most notable brands whose SWOT analysis has been helpful in varied dimensions.This helps in making sure that things are getting sorted in the right manner.

Coca Cola SWOT Analysis

One of the most unmistakable refreshment providing company is the one that owns its own license. A lot more than 500 nonalcoholic beverages have been taken in account and this is something that covers up the major portion of market.At present the brand is supporting and taking care of Diet Coke, Coca cola, Sprite and Fanta. The trademark has been established in United States in 1886. But in the recent case, more than 200 countries are getting supplied with our beverage and drinks.We make sure that the consignment or the beverage supplied to our clients or the company assortments from the storehouse are taken well care of.The team of Coca Cola assures that they have the ability to connect with the customers. This is made possible by providing them a lot of options to meet their various lifestyle choices. Our further growth and plan extension depend upon various kinds of factors which we take care of.

Coca-Cola Strengths

The Brand itself marks a positive character. The soft drinks and the various pops are doing amazing in the market. This makes sure that anything new coming up under the brand label, can be easily tried out in the market which is a positive thing! Being awarded as one of the “Highly Esteemed Brand” by Interbrand, it keeps its pace in the market.

Extended overall reach – Sold in more than 200 countries. This has been made helpful in making sure this drink is covering every segment or the demographic section. This helps in making sure the reach of this drink is even more.

Most essential brand alliance and customer commitment – US’s one of the most prestigious internally related brands is Coca Cola. Identified with Delight, this brand makes possible the best kind of unwavering customer Trust to be built on the right grounds.

Greatest Brand Valuation – Recorded as the third brand on the Best Global Brand on Interbrand’s yearly happening, this is one of the best things among many others that has happened to Coca Cola.

Winning Market Share – The brand claims and has proved to hold the major share of the market, when the comparison is drawn between two most notable drink making companies: Coca Cola and Pepsi.

Unparalleled transport system – They have an extensive and well-connected transport system. This helps in serving many countries and customers simultaneously without any break!

Coca-Cola Weaknesses

Strong competition with Pepsi –Coca cola, has been facing a tough competition when one brings Pepsi in the picture. Pepsi, which is one of the running rival of coca cola.Covering the broader spectrum –Pepsi with the practice of enlarging its products help in various bites like Kurkure and Lays. Coca-Cola still needs to work more on this level. Due to less variety of products, coca cola is not able to cover the majority of the market.

Opportunities Of Coca-Cola

Development – this is one of the most notable features in the coca cola management. There are loads of opportunities present to help people in improving the commitments of coca cola towards their customers.One can even have new and greater investments in making more products in demand, this will help in getting all the more supply chains in the right manner.

Making nations – Many nations know about coca cola and enjoy the flavors of the drinks. In countries like India, where the carbonated drinks’ usage is high, one can think of making strategies to get things organized in favor of the drink Brand: Coca Cola!


There is no doubt that the local dispute and the talks of doubts have kept arising on the grounds of coca cola but Coca Cola didn’t make any critical move to beat the restriction.This is the fact that coca cola relied on the brand impact itself, instead of relying on making some nice and really cool changes in its working policies or introducing of less sugar drinks on its serving shelf! Starting late, the brand extended its market to low calorie or calorie-less drinks and various other range of products.